Does Truth Exist? Truth in the Face of Postmodernism

Postmodernism is primarily a late 20th century movement within Philosophy that is broadly characterized by skepticism, subjectivism, relativism; a general suspicion of reason; and an elevated assertion that ideology plays a central role in maintaining political or economic power. One of the central tenets of Postmodernism is extreme skepticism with regard to absolute or objective truth claims . These claims are extremely problematic because they would render objective truths as preference held by those espousing them. Postmodernism, while prevalent in modern society, is a false ideology and is one of, if not the, most destructive philosophies in existence. In contrast with the teachings of Postmodernism, truth is critical to understanding virtually anything and everything. It is the instrument by which we seek to understand reality itself and is inextricably linked to it. It is by seeking truth that we attempt to answer the big questions in life and to find direction. This paper will demonstrate that truth does exist, that it must exist, and that it matters profoundly in all of mankind’s endeavors. How one’s beliefs align with reality ultimately determine whether actions taken based on those beliefs will succeed or fail or be correct or incorrect.

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