We are SUPER excited to announce the publication of MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD (21 Days to Knowing Jesus Christ). This book is the compilation of and expansion on the Mars Hill Institute online study entitled 21 Days to Knowing Jesus Christ.

The paperback printed version of the book is now available to purchase HERE! Get yours NOW!

DRAFT Book Cover - Letter Size - 900X1165

This is a one of a kind publication that will be of value to both those who are interested in knowing about Jesus Christ and those who are already believers. It is intended to be both a resources for evangelism outreach as well as a training tool for believers who want to deepen their relationship with Christ and learn how to better share their faith.

We are currently planning on making this resource available in two formats: 1) Printed booklet form for distribution in evangelistic outreach ministries and 2) Mass market Paperback and Hardcover edition for regular consumer markets. The outreach version will be made available to churches only in bulk quantities while the consumer version will be available through Amazon and book stores.

Stay Tuned for more information!